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Jul 17, 2017

Ever felt like your sibling was transforming into a monster? Sam Emerson does, and when his brother Michael starts hanging out with the local in-crowd, he quickly realises, that it's first come, first staked.

It's been 30 years since Joel Schumacher's cult classic was released, and the film is still as relevant and revered today, an immortal classic that helped to redefine vampires for a new generation, thanks to iconic characters to imminently quotable dialogue. Sue looks at the legacy of the film, from it's influence on style, to it's commercial appeal and undeniable longevity. 

We'll also be checking out the new single from extreme metal legends Akercocke.

So grab a garlic t-shirt, splash on some Windex, and head on down to the murder capital of the world, where you'll never grow old, and you'll never die.

It's fun to be a vampire.