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Aug 6, 2017

"A cult classic is one that has been fully embraced by an alternative audience, not the popular audience." - Bruce Campbell.

Actor boy. Raconteur. B-movie king. Bruce Campbell is a cult hero to some and ‘that guy with the chin’ to others. Gaining notoriety through video nasty favourite Evil Dead, he has hacked and slashed his way to the top, proving that with tenacity, and a chainsaw, anything is possible.

Sue takes a look at two of his movies, that have the low budget, classic Campbell factor, which fans find so appealing. Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho Tep, an emotive and exuberant nightmare in a nursing home, sees Elvis Presley and JFK go up against a soul sucking mummy. A soul sucking mummy whose taste in fashion is way out West. While My Name is Bruce is a farcical deconstruction of the career of a washed up B-movie actor, who wages war against his ultimate nemesis: himself. Oh, and he also battles an ancient, pissed off tofu-loving God.

We’ll also be checking out an awesome track, Betrayal and Delusion from dirt-ridden heavy rockers Battalions.

So get ready for a charm offensive, as we chat one of the most iconic and well loved horror legends of all time. Hail to the chin baby!