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Feb 22, 2018

Madcap, macabre and bloodily brilliant, 2013’s You’re Next is a loving rejuvenation of some of our favourite, if a little well worn, horror tropes. With a killer heroine at the helm, Simon Barrett and Adam Winguards tale of family feuds, ferocious females and the price we put on our loved ones, is as inspirational as it is innovative, laced with jet black humour that subverts the norms with sardonic glee. Sue chat’s the viciously visceral cult thriller, releasing the beast on the application of household items under siege and nightmare meet-ups with the inlaws, when a fox is a dinner guest in your henhouse.     

We’ll also be checking out the latest single Retch from progressive rockers Conjurer.

So get ready to meet the family who may be more than they initially seem, as we celebrate Women in Horror Month, with this slick and stylish indie cult slasher.