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Dec 20, 2017

Brash, bizarre and brilliant, Gremlins is one of the least traditional and best loved Christmas movies of all time. Sue chats the festive classic, looking with rose-tinted favour at a film which gets both children and adults sentimental around the holidays. From Christopher Columbus’ unique and unconventional script, to Joe Dante's idiosyncratic aptitude for big screen translation, every element perfectly captures an anarchic 1980’s zeitgeist.  


We’ll also be checking out the latest single, The Mire, from extreme progressive metallers Conjurer.


So grab a mince pie and some mulled wine, turn on all the lights, check all the closets and cupboards, look under all the beds, 'cause you never can tell there just might be a Gremlin in your house.


Gremlins, just like Mr. Futterman said...