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Mar 13, 2018

Do you like scary movies?


An abundance of rules*, Drew Barrymore in a bad wig and the Fonz. What do these three things have in common? Why, it's Scream of course, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s trope busting, self aware slasher from 1996. Springing from their twisted minds like a masked assailant from the bushes, the film helped to revitalize the genre, affectionately mocking and subverting standardized horror tropes, with a glint of irony and a wicked grin of malice slapped across it’s hilariously homicidal premise.


We’ll also be checking out an awesome track, Ballad of the Dead Rabbit, from Metal Guard Pacifica.


So, grab a beer, hold your honey close, and ask: ‘Who’s there’...No wait, don’t do any of those things, as we head to Woodsborough, and find out that movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!



*Well okay, not an ABUNDANCE, that’s a wee bit of an exaggeration. Just four. But they are really, really REALLY important. If you wanna survive…