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May 7, 2018

Do you like basghetti?


Sinking fangs into vampiric myth with a wry smile, 2014’s What We Do In The Shadows proved that when it came to supernatural swagger, bloodsuckers still had teeth. Sharp, satirical and uproariously silly, it subverted preconceived conventions whilst honouring legend and tradition.


Sue chats the dead but delicious quintet at the centre of the tale, bemoaning the chore wheel, dancing with demons and championing stylistic storytelling and visual panache.


We'll also be checking out Lovecraftian track At the Mountains of Madness from the awesome Crimson Day.


So, get ready for the biggest night of the supernatural calendar, but beware The Beast *ominous music*, as we don our best duds to do things vampire style.

And mind your manners. We're werewolves NOT swearwolves!*



*At no point does Sue EVER mention Rhys Darby by name, even though he's one of the movies highlights. I know, it's a moral outrage! But don't worry, for she has been forever banished - to the CIRCLE OF SHAME!!!